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Name Last Modified Size

Flite Test Home Page
050~50 MINI CRUISER.SPM 05-Dec-2014 10:5224K
33579_GR_18_Copter_Manual_EN.pdf 23-Sep-2015 09:331634K
After hours 001.mp3 20-Jan-2014 10:3562970K
AnyCopter-PLANS0026.pdf 10-May-2013 20:114418K
Bloody Baron v1.0 AIO.pdf 20-Aug-2015 09:24715K
Bloody Baron v1.0 Tiled.pdf 20-Aug-2015 09:24142K
BluntNose-conversion-TILED-PLANS.pdf 19-Mar-2014 13:17504K
DeltaPlans_tiled.pdf 11-Aug-2015 07:35628K
FT Bronco v1.0 AIO.pdf 28-Oct-2015 07:201252K
FT Bronco v1.0 Full-Size.pdf 28-Oct-2015 07:19791K
FT Bronco v1.0 Tiled.pdf 28-Oct-2015 07:20560K
FT Bushwacker v1.2 AIO.pdf 18-Sep-2015 07:48873K
FT Bushwacker v1.2 Full-Size.pdf 18-Sep-2015 07:48749K
FT Bushwacker v1.2 Tiled.pdf 18-Sep-2015 07:48229K
FT ELEMENTS THRUST VECTOR.pdf 14-Jun-2014 10:17101K
FT Explorer v1.0 AIO.pdf 14-Oct-2015 15:251329K
FT Explorer v1.0 Full-Size.pdf 14-Oct-2015 15:25804K
FT Explorer v1.0 Tiled.pdf 14-Oct-2015 15:25212K
FT Mini Arrow v1.1 AIO.pdf 29-Jan-2016 06:111267K
FT Mini Arrow v1.1 Full-Size.pdf 29-Jan-2016 06:121198K
FT Mini Arrow v1.1 Tiled.pdf 29-Jan-2016 06:12608K
FT Mini Corsair v1.0 AIO.pdf 09-Dec-2015 11:191359K
FT Mini Corsair v1.0 Full-Size.pdf 09-Dec-2015 11:191147K
FT Mini Corsair v1.0 Tiled.pdf 09-Dec-2015 11:19622K
FT Mini F-22 v1.0 AIO (3).pdf 23-Mar-2016 15:041326K
FT Mini F-22 v1.0 Full-Size (3).pdf 23-Mar-2016 15:041079K
FT Mini F-22 v1.0 Tiled (3).pdf 23-Mar-2016 15:04614K
FT Mini Mustang v1.0 AIO.pdf 11-Dec-2015 09:16858K
FT Mini Mustang v1.0 Full-Size.pdf 11-Dec-2015 09:16595K
FT Mini Mustang v1.0 Tiled.pdf 11-Dec-2015 09:15452K
FT Mini Sparrow v1.0 AIO.pdf 17-Feb-2016 10:001241K
FT Mini Sparrow v1.0 Full-Size.pdf 17-Feb-2016 10:001189K
FT Mini Sparrow v1.0 Tiled.pdf 17-Feb-2016 10:00598K
FT Mini Sportster v1.0 AIO.pdf 28-Nov-2015 19:06907K
FT Mini Sportster v1.0 Full-Size.pdf 28-Nov-2015 19:06718K
FT Mini Sportster v1.0 Tiled.pdf 28-Nov-2015 19:06437K
FT Mini Vector v1.0 AIO (2).pdf 23-Mar-2016 15:041435K
FT Mini Vector v1.0 Tiled (2).pdf 23-Mar-2016 15:04651K
FT Old Fogey Fuse Plans 2of4.pdf 25-Aug-2016 07:04392K
FT Old Fogey Landing Gear 3of4.pdf 25-Aug-2016 07:04382K
FT Old Fogey Wing Plans 4of4.pdf 25-Aug-2016 07:04391K
FT Old Fogey details 1of4.pdf 25-Aug-2016 07:04390K
FT Sportster v1.1 AIO.pdf 23-Nov-2015 06:401615K
FT Sportster v1.1 Full-Size.pdf 23-Nov-2015 06:401015K
FT Sportster v1.1 Tiled.pdf 23-Nov-2015 06:41699K
FT-22-TILED-PLANS.pdf 15-Jan-2014 09:062726K
FT-22-plans.pdf 15-Jan-2014 09:077831K
FT-3D-TILED-PLANS.pdf 12-Aug-2013 12:4811621K
FT-3D-plans.pdf 12-Aug-2013 12:489762K
FT-BabyBlender-PLANS.pdf 21-Mar-2013 20:2812938K
FT-BabyBlender-TILED-PLANS.pdf 21-Mar-2013 20:27549K
FT-BloodyWonder-TILED-PLANS.pdf 24-Mar-2014 14:549863K
FT-BloodyWonder-plans.pdf 24-Mar-2014 14:548355K
FT-CRUISER-TILED-PLANS.pdf 12-Aug-2013 11:544404K
FT-Cruiser-PLANS.pdf 12-Aug-2013 12:114010K
FT-DUSTER-TILED-PLANS.pdf 11-Sep-2013 11:132997K
FT-DUSTER-plans.pdf 11-Sep-2013 11:132623K
FT-Guineapig-TILED-PLANS.pdf 27-Apr-2015 09:451265K
FT-Guineapig-plans.pdf 18-Feb-2015 11:02283K
FT-KRAKEN-TILED-PLANS.pdf 11-Jun-2014 14:491318K
FT-KRAKEN-plans.pdf 11-Jun-2014 14:48263K
FT-MUSTANG-TILED-PLANS.pdf 08-May-2014 13:562716K
FT-MUSTANG-plans.pdf 08-May-2014 13:552217K
FT-Mini Cruiser-plans.pdf 03-Dec-2014 11:351313K
FT-Mini TinyTrainer-plans.pdf 15-Apr-2015 10:013975K
FT-Mini guinea-plans.pdf 05-Dec-2014 07:571271K
FT-MiniScout-FULL-SIZE-PLANS_TEMPLATE.pdf 05-Nov-2014 09:32264K
FT-MiniScout-TILED-PLANS.pdf 05-Nov-2014 09:32666K
FT-MiniSpeedster-FULL-SIZE-PLANS_TEMPLATE.pdf 05-Nov-2014 09:422893K
FT-MiniSpeedster-TILED-PLANS.pdf 05-Nov-2014 09:423277K
FT-Nutball-Swappable-PLANS.pdf 24-Oct-2013 03:211022K
FT-Nutball-Swappable-TILED.pdf 24-Oct-2013 03:21223K
FT-Punjet-TILED-PLANS.pdf 16-Apr-2015 08:222151K
FT-RACER-TILED-PLANS.pdf 20-Sep-2013 06:112593K
FT-RACER-plans.pdf 20-Sep-2013 06:112321K
FT-SPITFIRE-TILED-PLANS.pdf 12-Aug-2013 12:213619K
FT-SS-TILED-PLANS.pdf 04-Nov-2013 10:432367K
FT-SS-plans.pdf 04-Nov-2013 10:432013K
FT-Storch-TILED-PLANS.pdf 27-Aug-2014 15:17971K
FT-Storch-plans.pdf 27-Aug-2014 15:17243K
FT-VERSA-TILED-PLANS.pdf 18-Sep-2013 12:11868K
FT-Versa-plans.pdf 12-Aug-2013 12:39462K
FT-Viggen-TILED-PLANS.ai 14-Feb-2014 09:463434K
FT-Viggen-TILED-PLANS.pdf 14-Feb-2014 11:192679K
FT-Viggen-plans.pdf 12-Feb-2014 09:042194K
FT-mini Tinytrainer-TILED-PLANS.pdf 15-Apr-2015 10:012600K
FT-mini cruiser-TILED-PLANS.pdf 04-Dec-2014 06:351732K
FT-mini guinea-TILED-PLANS.pdf 29-Dec-2014 08:081629K
FT-mini-cruiser-TILED-PLANS.pdf 03-Dec-2014 11:351732K
FT-oldspeedster-TILED-PLANS.pdf 20-Nov-2013 12:163400K
FT-oldspeedster-plans.pdf 20-Nov-2013 12:163030K
FT-punjet-FULL-SIZE-PLANS.pdf 16-Apr-2015 08:22332K
FT-spitfire-plans.pdf 12-Aug-2013 12:193222K
FTBabyBlenderv2.1AIO.pdf 03-Mar-2016 13:42784K
FTBabyBlenderv2.1Full-Size.pdf 03-Mar-2016 13:42702K
FTBabyBlenderv2.1Tiled.pdf 03-Mar-2016 13:42461K
FTMini Vector v1.0 Full-Size (3).pdf 23-Mar-2016 15:041153K
FT_Mini_Super_Bee_v1.0_AIO.pdf 31-Aug-2016 07:04902K
FT_Mini_Super_Bee_v1.0_Full-Size.pdf 31-Aug-2016 07:04838K
FT_Mini_Super_Bee_v1.0_Tiled.pdf 31-Aug-2016 07:04524K
FT_Otter_v1.0_AIO.pdf 16-May-2016 07:331354K
FT_Otter_v1.0_Full-Size.pdf 16-May-2016 07:33762K
FT_Otter_v1.0_Tiled.pdf 16-May-2016 07:33578K
FT_Sea_Duck_v1.0_AIO.pdf 15-Jun-2016 06:071339K
FT_Sea_Duck_v1.0_Full-Size.pdf 15-Jun-2016 06:07968K
FT_Sea_Duck_v1.0_Tiled.pdf 15-Jun-2016 06:07846K
FT_Spear_v1.0_AIO.pdf 05-Oct-2016 10:441565K
FT_Spear_v1.0_Full-Size.pdf 05-Oct-2016 10:43714K
FT_Spear_v1.0_Tiled.pdf 05-Oct-2016 10:43586K
Flite Test Banner.jpg 29-Oct-2013 08:3657K
Flite Test Banner.png 29-Oct-2013 08:28105K
Josh's Sled Plane.pdf 25-Feb-2015 12:29799K
Knuckles_freeplans.pdf 08-Oct-2013 10:22279K
Monster Crusier/ 11-Jun-2014 14:45-
MonterSpitfire.pdf 02-Apr-2014 12:43324K
Podcast Ep 007.mp3 01-Dec-2013 09:0796761K
RB-Bat Bone BODY Ver 0220.ai 01-Jul-2013 13:091305K
RB-Bat Bone BODY Ver 0220.dxf 01-Jul-2013 13:09271K
RB-Bat Bone BODY Ver 0220.pdf 01-Jul-2013 13:0982K
RB-Tilt 13-370 [0422].ai 01-Jul-2013 13:081328K
RB-Tilt 13-370 [0422].dxf 01-Jul-2013 13:08274K
RB-Tilt 13-370 [0422].pdf 01-Jul-2013 13:08103K
RB-Tilt Motor Mount Ver0450.dxf 01-Jul-2013 20:30161K
RB-Tilt Motor Mount Ver0450.pdf 01-Jul-2013 20:3059K
Rotor Bones Straight 13-370 [0422].ai 01-Jul-2013 13:111314K
Rotor Bones Straight 13-370 [0422].pdf 01-Jul-2013 13:1198K
Snowball-conversion-TILED-PLANS.pdf 03-Mar-2014 09:32502K
TILT/ 11-Aug-2015 07:33-
Viggen Complete 54inch.pdf 16-Dec-2013 06:10459450K
WheelPants_plans.pdf 20-Nov-2013 12:19103K
ft boxcar_Plans.pdf 18-Aug-2014 11:02172K
hovercraft.pdf 03-Mar-2016 06:3559K
limiterdiscs.pdf 21-Apr-2016 06:2862K
mini sportster_PAINT TEMPLATE.pdf 02-Dec-2015 14:1458K
monster snow ball (1).pdf 04-Mar-2016 06:10382K
paperairplane.pdf 26-Feb-2016 12:4854K
snowball kit planked.pdf 20-Feb-2014 07:30164K
spektrum 4ch.pdf 02-Feb-2016 12:4563K
straight/ 02-Feb-2016 12:45-
t mock up 2.jpg 24-Jan-2015 08:07539K
t mock up 3.jpg 24-Jan-2015 08:07724K
t mock up 4.jpg 24-Jan-2015 08:07555K
t mock up 5.jpg 24-Jan-2015 08:07641K
t mockup1.jpg 24-Jan-2015 08:07650K
t1.png 02-Feb-2015 13:091521K
t2.png 02-Feb-2015 13:091525K
t3.png 02-Feb-2015 13:091679K
t4.png 02-Feb-2015 13:101696K
t5.png 02-Feb-2015 13:111519K
t6.png 02-Feb-2015 13:121509K
t7.png 02-Feb-2015 13:181654K
t8.png 02-Feb-2015 13:191533K